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It’s been a week since Seattle was turned upside down in response to the Covid-19 epidemic. We have all taken the hit somehow whether that be your daily routine or the loss of your livelihood, we’re all living outside the box.

Now we can help moving each other along, I have been graced with the support of friends and family to keep my ship from sinking. I have seen acts of kindness in many forms, neighbors delivering food to the high risk. Flyers posted to stay positive. People offering support to those in need. We’ve learned how to get on without restaurants and gyms and retail, taken to walks and gardening, navigated community at a distance of 4-6 feet. Local yoga instructors and studios raced online to keep classes going. People are working out in local parks and taken their bikes out of storage. We’ve come together in many, many ways.

In this week we tried really hard to keep our lives as normal as possible. But normal is not possible for now. And as we come to realize this, it’s now time to process and take some action. Let’s make our game plans. To quote Mary Oliver, what do you want to do with this one wild and precious life?

Hopefully as this new normal is settling in you have found a routine for yourself. Keep it simple and hold yourself accountable. Don’t let the household chores pile up. Bingeing TV can be on your schedule just not the only thing. Try adding creativity to your day.

Get exercise and eat well, like I said, there is plenty of yoga and fitness all over the internet now. Move your body- your heart, head and health need it. I will link some friends below if you’re looking for ideas. And from experience, I know we all made a lot of shortsighted purchases at the grocery store when we all thought it might be the last time ever to get food. Snacks are great, but do your best to feed yourself balanced meals.




Connect with others and/or make space for yourself. If you are living with a family or loved ones you might need to take a little time to have a little space. Also connect with others outside your household. Try using the phone rather than texting or social media. If you live alone, be sure to call/FaceTime with friends and family, make that part of your routine. And those of you know people on their own, reach out to them.

Have your resources ready. If you do get sick, what’s the plan? Make a plan for yourself and your household. A plan for everything from what room you’ll quarantine in to who’s going to walk the dog. (If you live alone, this is a tough one.) Have phone numbers ready, emergency contacts available and a list of things that need to be taken care of it you are unable. Basically, be prepared.

Our current reality is asking us to be prepared but it’s also offering us the opportunity to explore new ways to show up for ourselves. I know you got this, I know this because I do too. I have had to ugly cry my fears and found myself in a dark place. It’s to be expected, not necessary but understandable. If you find yourself having trouble coping, reach out. You can only work on the things you can control, start there. You’re not alone. Remember pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Look for the things that are working for you (there are plenty) and go from there.

A few resources:

Good things to read:

Free Class – take it with me. (my niece sent this to me, thank you Cait!)

Yoga and movement: More online classes coming soon! Streaming classes happening now!

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