The universe is asking.

I have had little sleep the last few nights. I suspect I’m not alone amid this Covid-19 pandemic. I have been worried about the unknown ahead of me. Worried about the people I love and the system I live in.

I got caught up in the news, social media and the collective frenzy of scarcity. I’ve also worried deeply that I may be a carrier and brought illness to someone else. I have been so caught up in what I perceived to be happening so fast, I forgot to take a breath and see what is right in front of me, an opportunity to reset. And of course, slow down.

I, we, many of us, have a unique opportunity to reset our lives. Who hasn’t wished for a week that you didn’t have to go into work? Yes, I realize some of us, including me, live paycheck to paycheck, but don’t go there, we’re not there.

If you suddenly find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, don’t hurry to fill it. Especially with the things you’ve always done. Take this moment to pause. Check yourself, your heart, your head and your life. Remember who you are and what you want and look at what you have. Do you love it? I hope so. Your perspective is your choice. If you don’t like what you see, change something including your perspective.

Love who you are and the people around you. It’s okay to be scared, just don’t stay there. Look around, you’re not alone. We have the opportunity in this national crisis to find our own grit and learn how to navigate in the now. So be kind to yourself, you’re in uncharted territory. Be kind to others, they are going through the same. And if they are still working understand they don’t have the luxury to take a moment. So, be patient, you will get your turn for whatever it is you’re waiting for. Be generous, there are people that have less than you, are much older than you and are probably more scared than you, help when you can.

This reset button the whole world is on can be a great big opportunity to create the kind changes that brings us closer to ourselves, one another and whatever it is you believe that connects us all. So, go ahead and read that book you’ve had on your shelf for a year. Start that project in the garage, purge your closet, make dinner, play games. Clean your room, your diet, your head and start writing in your journal again. Practice meditation, you’ve always said when you have the time you will. Well, you do now. Take a look at the people you love and remind them how lucky you are to share your life with them.

Don’t hurry to make your life “normal”, it’s not right now. Take a moment to lean into, what looks like to me, the universe asking us to slow down, check in and reset.

Blessings my friends.

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