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You find what you look for. So what are you looking for?

Finding value in your day-to day-life isn’t a natural habit. We humans have what’s called a negative bias. We tend to focus on and even dwell in the negative events that occur in our day to day life. Apparently, this is passed down to us from our caveperson ancestors. It’s how they protected themselves from danger. Being hyper aware of the dangers of the immediate environment kept them alive long enough to pass this trait down to us. Thank you Cave People for survival traits but no thank you on this negative bias. It is no longer keeping us alive. It’s actually choking us.

I don’t think we need to put our head in the sand but I do think we need to find balance in where we keep our minds focused. I lived 2020 with all of you and I know we could spew about all the challenges that we faced collectively and personally. Challenges are problems and problems need to be solved. If we dwell on the problem we’re not moving into a solution, resolution or revelation. It’s as if the bad news has become a wall and we keep walking into it because we haven’t looked around enough to find a door or a window to get out.

So, let’s try this practice for 30 days…answer this question: What are three things that I found value in today? Find three things that in some way large or small were meaningful to you. And when I say small, I mean like the hummingbird that visits your balcony, and when I say big, well-that’s for you to decide, a well baked bread, having a meaningful conversation with a friend, global warming solved! Really there is no measurement here, you get to feel what’s valuable to you. You don’t have to stop at three. We all know if we look for a problem we will find one, let’s put problems aside. Starting today, let’s look for where we find value and see where we go.

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