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Your Love Story

Happy Solstice Y’all. I’m currently in Connecticut, where I grew up, about to go to a wake of my dear friend Garth. He died of a broken heart, literally. His wife Tammy died 4 days short of a year the day he died. She was a high school bestie of mine, we had our first apartment together. Garth was in my class, a buddy, but he started to hang around more whenever Tammy was around. By the time I left Connecticut for one of my great adventures, they were pregnant with their first child, Sarah. And thus began, as Garth put it, the greatest love story ever. And as love story’s are created they aren’t always between people, like Garth and Tammy’s. Your love story just may be your whole life itself, your own artistic masterpiece.

I missed most of their masterpiece, I had to make my own. I became the soul seeker, not realizing you don’t have to go anywhere to discover who you are. I took my time, I needed to travel a bit of the world, get stuck in some places, have my heart broken a few times, maybe I broke a few on the way too, to learn that everything I was searching for is within me. It’s just a perspective away.

Traditionally the summer solstice represents bounty. It’s the longest day of the year, the day the sun takes the longest journey to reach the highest point in the sky. It’s a great day to remember or to be remembered (Tammy and Garth) .

Any day is a good day to look back at your journey. Every heartbreaking mistake, every guttural laugh and significant triumph, adventure, misadventure, built up truth and broken-down lie that you’ve lived, to get you here this moment. How ever you find your life to be in this instant and all the moments leading up to it, were designed for and by you. I’m sorry and also not sorry to remind you, especially if you’re not willing to remember that significant beating of your earliest awareness. You are meant to shine. And if you choose to, thrive. The bounty of a life well lived.

It’s an ego's game to blame, your parents, your partner, your boss, circumstance, whoever, whatever on the state of your inner well-being when you are unhappy, unfulfilled or lost. It’s not them, it’s you. I don’t mean that difficult things don’t come up, they’ll actually keep showing up until you get this and also because, life. I mean, stop holding on to whatever makes you unhappy or mad. Don’t let something that happened to you 2 minutes, 2 years, or 20 years ago have a lasting hold on your happiness. If you must hold onto something, make it part of your transformation rather than an excuse to stay stuck. I don’t know how many versions of yourself you’ve had to move through to get you where you are now. Or if you are at that place where you can look in the mirror and say: THANK YOU. I hope you get here. Do you recognize all the leaps and jumps you’ve made? At some point, I hope you will learn to sit quietly, let yourself breathe and just be. Just. As. You. Are. Hopefully you can take in the grand array of your journey, every beautiful detail.

Try to think of your life like a movie. Make it your favorite movie. You are the most important character in the story. Your story, your perspective. Everyone else is a supporting role in whatever you’ve got going on. Supporting characters don't get to co-author your script. Start acting like the lead. Start looking at the world like it is set up for you to succeed at whatever it is you’re supposed to do or learn. And when you feel like you have failed or crashed go ahead and make it loud, let Paris burn if you must. Every good story has a twist and/or turn. Just remember that you don’t stop writing and creating the story until you actually stop breathing. There will be continuous opportunities to create your own personal masterpiece. And in those opportunites, you just might uncover the greatest love story. Let the love story be you. Thank you Garth and Tammy for being part of my adventure. Thank you for reminding me about love and how precious it is.

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